Our Trip to Atma – Cardiff

Hare Krishna,

Today I had the pleasure of visiting our friends at Atma in Cardiff city centre. Atma is an Ahimsa vegetarian restaurant based on the busy high street, Queen street.

The restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere full of people from different walks of life and is part of the vibrant Capital Centre in the heart of the city centre.

I decided to pick the healthy option, opting for the Spicy Paneer Burger. Paneer is a type of indian cottage cheese that is great for losing weight levitra hinta. In fact, The Lean Vegetarian blog named cottage cheese in their top 10 high protein yet slimming foods.

If you are in Cardiff and have an hour to kill, you must visit Atma and try some of their delicious food. You can also take part in their “ask a monk” activities where you can hear what a real monk has to say about the deepest meaning of life. Where else in Wales will you get such an incredible opportunity?

Probably nowhere!

I hope to see you all soon.

Hare Krishna.