Is there room for fake meat in a vegetarian restaurant?

2017 is a time where vegetarian and vegan options have broadened massively. With increasing numbers of people giving up meat, the demand for meat-like substitutes is rising. Recently, fake meat is finding its way into the kitchen of vegan restaurants in the UK, such as Anna Loka just down the road in Cardiff.

Im all for meat substitutes if it means more with make the change, however, are we ready to flaunt it in our restaurants?

I guess the real question is whether it is a good representation of how rich and diverse the vegetarian diet can be or if it demonstrates that vegetarians are in some way missing out and need the substitute.

I personally love soya dishes but I don’t cook tofu to mimic meat but to celebrate the ingredient itself.

Yesterday I decided to try some tofu jerky to see what the fuss was all about. I bought some from the “free from” section of the local health shop and I must admit I wasn’t impressed viagra uden recept. I think for me, it will always be important to embrace the vegetarian variety and leave the meat to someone else.