Main Courses

Change Your Rice to Brown Basmati on any meal for an extra 50p

Govinda’s Special GFa                                                                £4.95

This is where our expert chefs can let their creative juices flow, proving that being vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean surviving off carrot sticks and lettuce leaves. These aromatic dishes let you experience the mouthwatering culinary diversity of eating a healthy meat free diet. A true taste of traditional Indian style cooking.

(Incl. Vegan and dairy Subji, basmati rice, dahl, salad garnish, chutney pot with a choice of either a poori or pakora)

Govinda’s Super Special GFa                                             £6.95

Living up to its name this dish is one for the big eaters with our generous portion sizes you can be sure to leave fully satisfied with our super special. All of the components of the Govinda’s special in larger portions and with the added bonus of having both poori and pakora.

Vegetable Subji, Basmati Rice & a Dahl Bowl GFa                    £4.45

A delectable subtly spiced vegetable dish with a side of basmati rice and a bowl of our wholesome lentil soup. A perfect trio containing all of the required elements for a nutritionally well balanced meal.

Double Subji, Basmati Rice & a Dahl Bowl GFa                         £4.95

The double Subji gives you the luxury trying out both of our freshly prepared aromatic vegetable dishes complimented with a side of basmati rice and a bowl of our flavorful dahl.

Basmati Rice with a Bowl of Homemade Dahl & Side Salad GF       £3.95

A healthy flavorsome light lunch option. High in protein with just the right amount of carbs. This low calorie meal is the perfect option for those who want a tasty yet appetizing meal.

Savory Pick ‘n’ Mix with Chutney & Chips                       £5.45

A selection of your favorite savory snacks served with chunky chips and a pot of our signature tomato chutney. This dish includes one of our subtly spiced pea and potato samosas, a Govinda’s bhajji, 2 carrot and cabbage koftas with a pot of tomato chutney and a helping of chunky chips.

Govinda’s Burgers

Make your chips spicy or add cheese for an extra 50p


The Classic Veggie Nut Burger & Chips                                  £5.75

The classic Govinda’s Veggie nut burger. A lightly toasted bread roll spread with our smooth homemade rosemary hummus, layered with a crisp baby gum lettuce leaf, our classic veggie nut burger is delicately topped with a dainty dollop of tomato chutney and a freshly sliced tomato. Served with a side of chips, mixed leaf salad and a pot of homemade ketchup. This can only be described as the ultimate comfort food.

Cheeseburger & Chips                                                    £6.25

Our classic Govinda’s Veggie Nut burger topped with melted mature cheddar perfectly grilled until golden and gooey. Served with a side of chips, mixed leaf salad and pot of homemade ketchup.

Chili Cheeseburger & Chips                                            £6.45

WARNING: Some like it hot… which is why we have created this fiery, mouthwatering treat. When we say mouthwatering, we’re sure it will have your eyes watering too! This flaming hot bad boy contains fresh green chilies finely chopped and sprinkled onto the mature cheddar coating of our classic veggie nut burger. Served with Chutney and Chips.

Veggie Burger & Mixed Leaf Salad                                  £4.95

If you love our veggie burger but want to save your guilty conscience from kicking in … why not skip the chips for a guilt free treat. Our classic veggie nut burger with a double helping of freshly prepared salad.

The “MAHA” Burger                                                        £6.95

Maha means ‘great’ and our Maha burger most definitely lives up to its name – our classic veggie nut burger with double the burger! That’s right, two burgers in the bun with a helping of hummus, lettuce, tomato chutney and a slice of tomato. Served with a side of chips, a salad garnish and ketchup…

Think you can get your mouth around that one? Why not add another extra and make it a triple challenge, or a helping of cheese?

Build your own Maha burger with the Classic double by adding:

An extra burger layer £1.50, cheese 50p, extra chutney 50p, chili pickle 50p, extra chips £1.00 (make them extra spicy 50p).

Sweets & Desserts

Babu’s Chocolate Brownies                                            £2.50

One for all of the chocolate lovers. Our expert baker Babu has put together this perfectly gooey and oh so chocolatey brownie. He also topped it with a layer of our special chocolate sauce, just incase it wasn’t chocolatey enough for you!

The Famous Govinda’s Cheesecake                                 £2.50

Everyone’s favorite cheesecake is back on the menu. With a crumbly biscuit base and a zesty fruit topping, our sweet secret recipe is the perfect after dinner treat.

Sheila’s Scrumptiously Sweet Date Slice                        £1.25

They say nothing beats your mother’s cooking, which is why we borrowed this divine recipe from our manager’s lovely mum. With a perfect balance of the sweet pastry base, the yummy date filling topped with a sprinkle of extra pastry these slices are an ideal snack or end of meal treat Thank you Sheila!

Almond Toffee Fudge GF                                                  £1.00

A delightful nibble, this sweet nutty fridge will be sure to please your palate.

Laddhu (Indian Fudge) GF                                                £1.00

A Classic Indian sweet with a wonderfully unique flavor.

Granola Bar                                                             £1.25

Granola bars are not only great breakfast snack but also perfect for people on the run or an ideal accompaniment with a tea or coffee.

Starters & Shares

Vegetable Pakoras & Tomato Chutney                                   £2.95

Take a dip into our tantalizing homemade tomato chutney with a portion of our freshly cooked Pakoras. A little taste of India in every bite.

Govinda’s Sharing Platter GFa                                          £6.45

A combination of your favorite Govinda’s nibbles. Enough on there to share, or just to indulge yourself into … who likes sharing anyway!!

(4 pakoras, 2 pooris, 2 snack size Subji, snack size dahl, mixed green salad, chutney pot)

Add additional items of your choice from the sides section.

Govinda’s Bhajjis GF                                                        £2.95

Onions? NO! These little savory treats are one of Govinda’s signature recipes. A twist on the classic onion bhajji, – crispy and flavorsome without the onion breath!!

Classic Pea & Potato Samosas with Chutney                          £3.45

A classic Indian savory dish, light flaky pastry with a mildly spiced pea and potato filling. Three samosas per portion, complimented with a serving of our homemade chutney.



Fresh Mixed Leaf Salad & Govinda’s Signature Chutney GF     £1.95

This colorful mixed leaf salad will be carefully tossed in our lightly seasoned salad dressing, served with a side of our signature tomato chutney. A low fat guilt free snack

Mixed Leaf Salad topped with a Mature Cheddar Cheese GF   £2.45

‑Our freshly prepared mixed leaf salad tossed in a lightly seasoned homemade salad dressing, topped with the finest chunky grated mature cheddar, served with a side of our signature tomato chutney.

Wholesome Lentil Soup (Dahl) GF                                           £2.15

Not only is our lentil soup a wholesome and satisfying dish, it is also a must for all of you health junkies! These little lentils are your best friends. Everyone always asks “Where do vegetarians get their protein?” Well, say hello to Mr. Mung, Mr. Toor and Mr. Channa…

Why not add a bread roll of chapatti from our sides section.

Subji Bowl GFa                                                           £2.95

Our Subji bowl will vary from day to day with the option of either dairy or vegan. Subji literally means “vegetable dish” which can be dry, wet, or in curried form. Cooked to perfection, these vibrant vegetable dishes will be infused with aromatic spices. A hearty, healthy snack that will be sure to please the palate.

Add a portion of rice, 2 pooris or a chapatti for £1 to make a meal.


The Classic Govinda’s Kofta & Hummus Wrap                 £3.95

A fresh and healthy treat of crisp salad and black olives with our finest homemade koftas, finished off with a spread of heavenly hummus all wrapped up in one of our very own healthy pan baked chapattis. Served with a side of our subtly spiced tomato chutney

The Cheddar & Chutney Wrap                                        £3.95

Chunky grated cheddar with our tasty tomato chutney perfectly paired with a mixed green salad all wrapped up in a pan baked chapatti. A simple, yet sense gratifying snack.

Govinda’s Bhajji Wrap                                                    £3.95

Bite sized crunchy bits sumptuously melded with a freshly prepared salad mix and chutney, in one of our hot pan baked chapattis. This is a taste sensation that you won’t experience anywhere else.




Chunky Chips & & Homemade Ketchup GF                        £2.45

Traditional chunky chips tossed in a fine sea salt served with a pot of our homemade ketchup.

Spicy Smoked Paprika Chips & Homemade Ketchup GF            £2.95

Want to spice up your day? Our chili and smoked paprika seasoned chips will do just that. A unique blend of spices that will add a special kick to the traditional style chips

Chunky Cheese Chips GF                                                  £3.45

Thick cut potato chips tossed in a fine sea salt topped with a grated mature cheddar.

Meal Deals

All You Can Eat Govinda’s Special                                          £4.95

Available between 3-5pm Mon-Fri

Govinda’s Classics 3 Courses                                          £8.45

Govinda’s Special Lassi & Brownie

Govinda’s Classics 2 Courses                                          £6.45

Govinda’s Special & Lassi

The Burger Deluxe Deal                                                    £8.95

Veggie Burger & Chips, Bottled Drink & Dessert

Yogi Lunch                                                                      £4.95

Dahl, Rice & Salad with Yogi Tea

Tea & Cake                                                              £2.95

Available between 3-5pm Mon-Fri